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What should I do before I have new windows installed?

To prepare, please remove curtains or other window treatments from the window as well as anything that may fall off of the walls in the vicinity. It is also helpful to clear a path to make sure that the technicians are not obstructed when removing or installing a window. Lastly, please remember to tell your security provider that there will be a great deal of window activity during the installation period.

How can I tell if I need new windows?

Besides the obvious cracks or broken glass it can be hard to tell whether your windows are working as they should be. Here is a list to check when inspecting your windows. If your windows have one or more of these issues then it is time to call a professional.

  • Won't budge: if your window is very hard to open or if it does not open at all then you have a problem with your frame. If it is wood then the frame may have expanded or rotted. Alternatively, the metal on the frame could be rusted or a mechanism in the window is broken.
  • Draft: if you can feel a draft when you are near a closed window then there is something very wrong with your window. If you find that a room is hard to keep warm (or cold) then you may want to try the candle trick. Turn off any heating or cooling so that there is very little air movement. Then light a candle near the window in question and move it around the frame slowly. If you see the flame flicker then you have found your draft.
  • Moisture between panes: If you have moisture in between the panes of a double or triple pane window, then the window is compromised. There is a crack somewhere in the frame or in the glass which allows moisture to enter - severely reducing the insulation of the window.